"From first consultation through the final product, we truly enjoyed working with Ken and had 100% confidence our home would exceed our expectations."
Jeff G.
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The most important step you can take is to contact us. During our initial consultation we will evaluate your thoughts and look at what type of home you are interested in building. We will discuss preliminary budget numbers, tour several homes in various phases of construction as well as discuss different amenities and features that are important to you. We will also discuss the community you would like to build in as well as the type of Lot that is important to you. After this meeting, you will leave with a greater understanding of our company process, the quality and craftsmanship we offer and our commitment to our customers.


We highly recommend that every customer consult us prior to purchasing any property. Lots can vary dramatically in topography and have many restrictions which may drive cost up during construction. We are experts in site development and we encourage you to visit homes we have constructed to have a better understand of how we plan each home site. During this process we will layout the home to insure that you are able to take full advantage of the Lot's potential. We will discuss things such as solar heat gain and loss and how picking the right Lot can reduce your energy costs significantly. We will also review how the utilities will be installed to enhance future site improvements. Since our expertise is building homes in various neighborhoods, we will provide you with valuable information to assist with lot selection.


Prior to hiring an Architect for your project we encourage all customers to contact us. Again, we are experts in Custom Home Building and will review your home design ideas and lead you in a direction that will be within your budget. Too often customers have plans designed to find out the construction costs have exceeded their budget. We will discuss the best approach to creating or selecting your home plan. We are experienced home designers and can either design complete working drawings or work with your Architect to make your home a success. We work close with many local Architects and although we respect their experience and encourage customers to utilize their services, we have found that contacting us first is always your best investment.


At this stage we will discuss the finer details and amenities within your new home. We will arrive at what we call 'Allowances' for various items. It is important to understand how our company views Allowance numbers. We compile our numbers and provide you with realistic numbers for the products you have selected to be within your budget. Often times our Allowance numbers actually allow you to add additional features and still be below you allocated budget. In the event you select products that result in a savings to an Allowance, WE CREDIT YOU BACK THE DIFFERENCE! This has been our commitment to our customers.


After your home plans are finalized we will meet to discuss your final products and features. Each and every detail will be itemized on our extensive Specification document. Each phase of construction will be highlighted and every final product will be itemized by Manufacture and Model number. During construction we consistently communicate with our customers and re-confirm their selections. This allows them to change products if they wish without causing rework or downtime. This practice has proven very successful and gives our customers the opportunity to further interact with our professional staff. Our goal is that you start your project knowing how it will look and how much it will cost, no surprises.


The final step prior to construction will be to sign all contracts. We will generate all legal documents and contracts for you to review. Our contracts are an extensive list of exactly those products and features we have discussed. We will incorporate the following:

  • Main Contract, which details our obligation to you as your builder.
  • Specifications, used to fully document all products.
  • Allowances, these are numbers on specific items per your selections.
  • Site Plan, showing the home location and final grade.
  • The final Home Plans


As the construction begins on your new home you will have full confidence in the quality and workmanship we incorporate into every home. Unlike some builders, we encourage you to come out and visit as much as you would like and watch your homes construction. We will be happy to meet with you at any time to walk you through the work being performed. This gives our customers the piece of mind that each and every detail is being addressed. You will fully understand our commitment and the pride we take during each phase. You will also be involved in each phase to the extent that you feel comfortable. We will ask that you meet our professional subcontractors and perform walkthroughs with them to assure that you are satisfied with our work. This is truly a treat for our customers. They are always impressed at our level of commitment within every detail and we are proud to point that out.


During the entire construction process we are constantly monitoring every detail and budgetary number. Our commitment is simple, construct your home within our contractual agreement and within the allowance numbers we have agreed upon. We constantly monitor all expenditures in order to stay within your contract price. At no time will our customers be asked to incur additional expenses due to unforeseen issues. We take full responsibility that in the event that lumber, concrete, roofing or other products have gone up in cost, we will cover that expense! You can be rest assured that your contract price will stay in effect throughout the construction project.


Our process in which we handle change orders in unique to the building industry. In the event that our customers wish to add additional features to their home we feel that they should get the best price for that upgrade. We call this our 'Direct Cost Approach'. We have always felt that our customers should receive the best price for items added during construction. We will have you meet with our subcontractors directly and discuss your request. We then provide you with the ACTUAL cost for that upgrade, avoiding the 'cost plus' method used by other builders. This gives our customers the ability to incorporate even more features if they wish, without paying excessive costs.


When your new home is complete, we will take you on a tour prior to closing. You will be impressed by the level of commitment we have when turning over our homes. Every detail is addressed and your home will be extensively cleaned and detailed throughout. We will explain our comprehensive Warranty coverage that is unparalleled in our industry. You will receive all warranty cards and booklets for all your new appliances and mechanical equipment. Our goal is to have you as a client for life. If you have any questions after your project is complete we are only a phone call away.